Unique concept

Strawberry from seed: now a household name

ABZ Seeds F1 has been breeding hybrid strawberries for over 25 years. With an assortment of more than 20 strawberry varieties, that are sold worldwide, the unique concept has become a household name in both floriculture and food horticulture. It has become clear that strawberry plants can be grown really well from seed. The plants develop into a strong and healthy crop, with any cultivation method, in any suitable growing season, in all the strawberry growing areas of the world.

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What does this unique concept mean for you?

Plant grower

The cultivation of plant material is easily possible without the use of chemicals, because you start with seed.

The seed can be sown mechanically.

Within 6-13 weeks after sowing, you can supply plant material in any desired form to strawberry growers or garden plant breeders.

The plant material is uniform.

All our strawberry F1 hybrid varieties are highly ever bearing and come into production within 3-5 months of sowing.

Strawberry grower

Clean planting material enables a clean start to cultivation, which enables the minimum use of chemicals in cultivation. 

In a greenhouse cultivation you can expect the first harvest within 1 month after receipt of 3-month planting material.

For outdoor cultivation, you can start harvesting within 2-3 months after receiving the 2-month planting material.

Garden plant grower

The following also applies here: clean planting material enables a clean start to cultivation.

The plug plants are uniform and lend themselves well to mechanical handling. 

Within 6 to 10 weeks of receiving the plug plants from your plant grower, you will have a uniform, delivery-ready end product: healthy plants with striking flower colours and shapes. A plant with the first strawberries, ready for harvest, is also an option.


Sustainability is an important theme in the sector. Our unique concept contributes to this in the following ways:

Minimal use of chemicals in the cultivation and growing.

You can sow virtually all over the world within 3 days after the seed has been sent.

The transport can take place in a very efficient way.

Due to the local cultivation of plant material and the local production of strawberries and garden plants, the number of transport movements is kept to a minimum. Or as we also say these days: the number of 'food miles' is kept to a minimum.

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