Milan F1

Open field | Summer

High Productivity and Fine Tasting Fruit

Strawberry F1 Hybrid Milan is our standard flavour variety for open field culture. Milan is a strong growing ever bearer with improved shelf life, productivity and fruit flavour.

Direct marketing of Milan gives an optimal consumer's response.

'Milan' develops a very vigorous plant with a strong root system in an open field culture.

The fruit has a nice conical shape; it will keep its bright colour during its shelf life. With 'Milan' we improved fruit firmness considerably.
In our trials we measured an improved fruit weight of 15-17% as compared to our strawberry F1-hybrid 'Elan'. The fruit has a sweet-soft flavour. We mesured Brix values between 9,6 and 10,6.

In our open field trials 'Milan' cropped rather early.
Total yield in our field trials in July and August was 13-30% higher than of 'Elan'.


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