Elan F1

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Finest Flavour and High Vitamin C

ABZ has raised the standard in fruit production by introducing the ever bearer gourmet variety 'Elan'. This strawberry will be appreciated by your customers for its visual appeal and superb fruit quality. 'Elan' is ideal for your farm shop, pick-your-own and local sales where your direct consumer contact gives you a big advantage and brings them back for more!

Cultivation is a matter of control

In spring in the field the plant needs some time to develop well. That is the reason why we advice to plant early enough (end of March under fleece cover) with a well hardened plant. In case plant development is slow due to wet and cold weather, we advice to remove the first flower truss. Subsequently, this cultural measure will result in a delayed start of the picking season. The plant of F1-hybrid 'Elan' has a remarkable vigorous growth. This makes a good production through the summer into the autumn very well possible. The plant develops sturdy flower trusses with a limited number of flowers per cluster. Shocks in plant growth should always be avoided. Grower's experience teaches us that interrupted development leads to all kinds of problems and loss of productivity of the crop.

Delicious fruit and healthy

The fruit of F1-hybrid 'Elan' has a bi-conical shape; it has a shiny appearance and a bright red colour which is maintained through normal shelf life. The fruit has a very acceptable level of firmness but can be sensitive to rain damage. We advise you to protect the fruit against rain if at all possible.

The size of the fruit is big at the beginning of the picking season and remains stable with a good fruit size through the whole season. The calyx breaks easily from the fruit stem making picking particularly easy.

The most remarkable characteristic of 'Elan' is in the fruit which has a delicious flavour caused by high sugar levels. In comparison with other day-neutral strawberry varieties 'Elan' reaches a unique level of taste. The fruit of 'Elan' is not only very delicious, but also very healthy! In our trials we found the fruit of 'Elan' contains 30 - 50 % more Vitamin C than those of other ever bearing varieties.

Grower's experiences
During the last five years 'Elan' has been grown on many locations in different types of culture: open field, table top and hanging on posts. In open field culture yields of 800 grams per plant are well feasible. In general, growers were satisfied with the quality of the fruit. On table tops maximum yields of 1,5 kg per plant have been reached. On table tops and posts it was necessary to harvest at least twice a week to maintain the fruit quality.
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