Delizzimo F1

Greenhouse | Winter

Delicious Fruit with Deep Red Colour.

Consumers want to enjoy tasty strawberries unconditionally, if possible all year round. Winter cultivation with an ever bearing strawberry variety under assimilation light provides the opportunity to meet this demand. Of course, in terms of taste, these greenhouse strawberries should clearly distinguish themselves from the imported strawberries from southern European growing areas. ABZ Seeds has developed a persistent flavor variety in greenhouse cultivation with assimilation light: strawberry Delizzimo®.

Tasty strawberries

A consumer panel from Wageningen UR Bleiswijk rated the ABZ varieties from a spring greenhouse trial as very tasty. In extra early spring trials, Delizzimo® produced 7kg/m2 of prime quality with an average fruit weight of 22 grams over a period of four months.

In a consumer test at the Kruishoutem Proefcentrum, Belgium, Delizzimo® also emerged as the best-tasting strawberry. Today, yields of 10 kg/m2 class 1 are achieved in the five-month winter period December - April.

For further information on propagation times for plant material etc. see our information sheet.


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